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    Recent updates and past change history

Version 1.0b35 - Released November 5 (Guy Fawkes day), 2013

New features

  • Server is now compatible with other XMPP clients such as iChat, Messages, Adium, Empathy and Pidgin (* File transfer is not yet supported.)
  • Upload and download files via Web-DAV. Tested with Cyberduck, Transmit (Mac OS X) and Bitkinex (Windows).
  • Webshare feature to upload and share files using a web browser via drag and drop. (* Uploading requires IE 10, Firefox 22, Safari 6 or later).

Nodescan Server

  • HTTP Digest Authentication for Web Server
  • SASL Authentication for XMPP Server
  • Start and stop services from the main Server window
  • Control router to open and close ports (requires UPnP or NAT-PMP enabled router)

Nodescan Client

  • Improved Chat appearance and legibility. Can add URLS and click links inside messages
  • Modified the login process to comply with the XMPP protocol
  • Can switch to Chat mode from any Instant Message
  • Support for Group chat (rooms)
  • Folder and file selection panels now support drag and drop
  • Drag and drop on Linux now works

Version 1.0b34 - Released April 24, 2013

Nodescan Server

  • Fixed a problem with the administator’s account not being added properly.
  • Fixed a problem where the server would not accept connections when “Use super port” was off. Clients now will automatic configure this setting to match the server.
  • Server Setup index (on left side of window) updates the selection when Next/Back buttons are used.
  • Changed the order of setup screens and fixed various bugs.

Nodescan Client

  • Fixed a problem with user icons not being updated.
  • Fixed an intermittent connection problem (login would get stuck at “Connected”)
  • Changed the host status to show external name and address instead of the local one.
  • Improved automatic configuration of local hosts using Zeroconf/Bonjour.
  • Improved AudioPlayer playlist – drag and drop reordering (with autoscrolling)
  • Fixed a problem sending audio tracks as message attachments and adding attachments to the playlist from messages (both by drag and drop and by popup/contextual menu).
  • File Transfer Manager was showing transfer speeds 1000x slower than actual. (It was counting data transferred per millisecond instead of per second).
  • Default website (home) folder location was not correct on Linux and Windows.


  • (GUI) Changed text color of paths in folder chooser panels to red if the folder is not found.
  • Updated Windows releases. (Drag and drop to desktop is not working well, Reveal buttons not working.)
  • Updated Linux releases. (Drag and drop to desktop is not working at all and dropping folders doesn’t zip them (selecting folders by doubling clicking works.)
  • Rewrote Server Manual and produced Quick Start guides for Nodescan Client and Server.

Version 1.0b33 - Released March 20, 2013

Nodescan Server

  • New server setup window allows easy configuration of all server features.
  • Virtual/super port capability allows incoming connections for all services (except the web server) to be received though a single port.
  • Support for Zero-conf/Bonjour. When enabled, Nodescan clients will detect servers on the local network and automatically configure the appropriate host settings. The web server also shows up under the Bonjour menu in Safari.
  • A custom key file is used to protect information for server administration and email (SMTP) configuration.
  • The server administrator can choose to receive notifications by email when users log in.
  • Automatically configure compatible routers using UPnP/NAT-PMP to allow access to the server from the (public) internet. The server can be set to open (and map) the necessary ports when it starts up and close them when it shuts down.
  • Improved File Sharing. Share any folder either publicly or privately. Any files added afterwards are automatically indexed including support for aliases on Mac OS X.
  • Many bug fixes

Nodescan Client

  • Upload and attach folders in addition to files. Folders will be automatically zipped saving space and reducing file transfer times.
  • Improved Search. Search window redesigned to be more intuitive and searching for key words has been improved (e.g. selecting the Images category before searching for a key word will find only matching images).
  • Drag and drop improved. Drag files from the Search window and received attachments to copy them to your desktop (Mac OS X)
  • Instant Messaging windows simplified. Sent time/date displayed. Added post stamp to visually indicate a received message.
  • Increased visual feedback when uploading and transferring files.
  • Many bug fixes

Version 1.0b32 - Released July 19, 2012

Nodescan Server

  • Upgraded Web server from ACME Server to Tiny Java Web Server (TJWS).
  • See the TJWS project page. (Note: Due to the changeover to TJWS, Jukebox service and other servlets have been temporarily removed. Also custom servlets are not yet supported.)
  • Improved functionality of the File Server to support private uploads and associated security changes.

Nodescan Client

  • AudioPlayer now supports streaming of AAC files (.mp4, .aac, .a4c) in addition to Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) files. Thanks to JAAD
  • Short and long status added to Contacts window
  • Added option to upload files to a private folder (my files)
  • Descriptions can be added when uploading files and and are shown in the search results
  • Can stream audio files directly from user’s private folders (private audio tracks, as well as other files, can be shared as attachments)
  • All chat and instant messages messages are saved to disk
  • Improved appearance of Contacts, Chat, Search, AudioPlayer and Sharing windows.

Version 1.31 - Released March 25, 2012

Nodescan Server

  • Further improvements to presence management
  • Faster searching
  • Various improvements to file serving and transfer
  • Reduced memory footprint by not loading users’ rosters until they log in.

Nodescan Client

  • Improvements to Search appearance and functionality
  • Updated file (attachment) icons
  • Following users now works more reliably and can stop following
  • Reduced number of windows
  • Implemented drag and drop to download files (Mac OS X version).
  • Move back and forth between received messages and reply using arrow keys on keyboard. Messages can be composed and sent without using the mouse.
  • Many small bug fixes and minor performance improvements
  • (Windows version) Fixed a problem with Log and Download folders being created in the wrong location
  • Improvements to French and Japanese localizations

Version 1.30 - Released December 17, 2011

Nodescan Server

  • Improved Access Permissions
  • Server window now displays both local and external IP addresses.
  • Improved Presence management (roster subscriptions are saved and restored during server restarts)
  • Added support for user icon synchronization

Nodescan Client

  • Contacts window displays a user’s icon and status and access to update availability
  • Added support for custom user icons
  • IM message windows display icons for sender and receiver
  • Various improvements to Chat including user icons and support for longer chat messages
  • Fixed a problem deleting files stored on the server

Version 1.0b29 - Released October 3, 2011

Nodescan Server

  • Rewrote XMPP Server to confirm with XEP-0077 (In-Band Registration) specification.
  • Subscription requests and presence updates are sent and received mostly in accordance with the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (rfc 3921)
  • Can see which users are logged in
  • Brought Linux versions up to feature parity with Windows and Mac OS X versions (except for drag and drop)
  • Updated graphics
  • Changed to “.exe” application on Windows.

Nodescan Client

  • Now uses the more secure digest authentication process
  • New login screen
  • Improved Japanese and French localizations
  • Improved Linux version (see screenshots)
  • Changed to “.exe” application on Windows

Version 1.0b28 - Released August 20, 2011

  • New graphics for Nodescan Client
  • Fixed a number of bugs.
  • Undelivered messages are now saved when the server is shutdown and restored when it starts up.
  • Many improvements related to user presence. Scan hosts to see if they are available and open to register accounts.
  • Fixed a problem updating the transfer progress when downloading Instant Message attachments, etc.

Version 1.27 - Released June 21, 2011

New features:

  • Introducing Slingshot… The easy way to send a file. No complicated sign-up. No cumbersome web-browser based file upload with an email notification. Just drop a file on to a user in your Contacts list to create a message already addressed with the file attached, ready to send. And for those with even less patience… Hold down the Option or Control key when dropping the file to automatically start sending the attachment (slingshot mode). or Hold down both Shift and Control keys together when dropping the file to automatically send the message without even showing the message window (super-slingshot mode).

Other improvements:

  • Double click downloaded files in the Transfer Manager to open them
  • Drag downloaded attachments from message windows directly to your desktop or another location
  • Added ability to stop file transfers, both in the Transfer Manager and when sending and downloading attachments in instant messages
  • Client toolbar automatically resizes based on display resolution. (A smaller toolbar will be shown on displays less than 1,000 pixels in height)

Version 1.26 – Released June 6, 2011

New features and improvements:

  • Double click attachments in message windows to open after downloading them
  • Added warning when opening web URLs and files in IM message windows.
  • New interface icons (Thanks Fat-Cow)
  • Added support for non-English user and account names

Bug fixes:

  • Set correct version in app’s get info window
  • Server – preferences. Prevent closing the window if “Use a dynamic domain name” is checked but the dynamic domain name is empty.
  • Compiled against Java 1.5 to fix problem opening apps on Mac OS 10.4
  • Fixed AutoLogging
  • Allows non-English language settings to be saved in preference and settings files

Version 1.0b25 - Released May 15, 2011

Bug fixes:

  • Couldn’t send instant messages in Japanese (and presumably other languages)
  • Downloading attachments in received IM messages usually failed. Substantially revised. Now users can also drag attachment ‘links’ from Search (results) window onto the attachment icon in IM messages. Sending messages with these shortcuts allows receivers to download the shared file. (Haven’t checked what happens if they are password protected but this should work).
  • Uploading files in Sharing window sometimes failed.
  • Host Browser didn’t work – removed it.
  • File Transfer Manager Window – set Min size. FIxed layout issue
  • Preferences Window – Fixed layout issue
  • Some file category icons did not load. Fixed, improved automatic detection of category from attachments
  • If “Connection to host failed” in Accounts window, progress bar is not hidden.
  • The IMClient timeout was too short and settings were not being saved correctly. Increased default timeout to 30mins and fixed the saving issue.
  • Made a number of other minor interface improvements

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